Catalog of Works

Ensemble works

  •  Dealbreaker for piccolo and E flat clarinet (2021)
  •  Twisted Flax for piccolo and oboe (2019)
  •  Brittle Thoughts for saxophone and amplified percussion (2018)
  •  Soul Searching for saxophone quartet (2017)

    Score and parts available through Murphy Music Press 

  • This Is My Scary Robot Voice for string quartet (2015)
  • Phosphene Dance for string quartet (2015)
  • Four Jennifer L. Knox Songs for mezzo-soprano, flute, and piano (2014)
  • Bird Convergence for thirteen players (2013)
  • The Land Vaguely Waving for chamber orchestra (2012)
  • Twelve Ball Bearings for mixed sextet (2010)
  • Scrawl Etude for at least five players (any instrumentation) (2010)

    You can download parts for Scrawl Etude here!

Electroacoustic works

  • Trance Pants for solo horn and fixed media (2023)
  • The Rainbow's Curse for four-channel fixed media (2023)
  • In The Name of the MOON: Four Interactive Character Sketches, multichannel generated sounds in SuperCollider, later adapted as stereo fixed media (2023)
  • Tagore Songs: five pieces for speaking violinist and live processing in SuperCollider (2023)
  • Tangent Spaces: The Ritual:  fixed media soundscape for dance choreographed by Jakki Kalogridis (2022)
  • Bambuchla Shadows for homemade bamboo flute and live processing in SuperCollider (2022)
  • Negative Space: generated sounds SuperCollider for choreographer Jakki Kalogridis (2021)
  • wherever you go, there's a human  for percussion and voice with live processing in SuperCollider (2021)
  • Sonic Crumbs: Bread and Cheese for fixed media, with Eli Fieldsteel (2020) (listen)
  • Left-Handed Paths for flute (left hand only) and live processing in Kyma (2018) (watch) 

Solo works

  • Private Ritual for solo piano (2023)
  • Flat Earth Sunset for solo horn (2023)
  • Lean Seasons, Desperate Dances for soprano and piano (2018)
  • Dunny's Song for contrabassoon (2017)
  • Show for tenor saxophone (2016)
  • Gtr, GRL for solo guitar (2015)