About Me

I am a composer of experimental acoustic and electroacoustic music. The music I create often involves noise, humor, and unanticipated outcomes. I write for a wide variety of ensembles and performers, plus technology. I am also an improviser, flutist, and drummer. 


  • In December I was at Western Michigan University as guest presenter and composition teacher. It was great to meet their talented students!
  • January 21st: Lin Foulk Baird, horn professor at Western Michigan University, will premiere my commissioned work for horn and fixed media Trance Pants. I'm honored to be included in Lin's ongoing project to commission horn music from women composers!
  • My first-ever solo album was just released this month on Neuma Records. It's four ambient experimental tracks I made in SuperCollider called In The Name of the MOON.  Look for it on Bandcamp, Spotify, or the Neuma website!
  • This month I'll be premiering a new piece for piccolo and shuffled playlist, called the smallest flock at the Turnaround Series (Urbana, IL). You can see the Soundcloud version of the piece here.